How the Cambridge Weight Plan changed my life

I really needed to change my relationship with food.

I could almost hear the Jaffa cakes calling me from the cupboard! And I just had an amazing capacity for self-deception and rewarding myself with food.

My journey started with the shock of seeing a picture of me when I was in Morocco and I looked terrible.

Well, that’s when I’ll start my weight loss journey. ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ turned out to be June 5th 2018…and I haven’t looked back.

I lost almost a stone in the first four weeks and I got to my target just a few months later. I lost 3st 3lb or 20.4kg in about 4 and a bit months. And now some many months later, I’m keeping it off too.

My relationship with food has fundamentally shifted, and it really does feel fab!

Against the advice of my consultant, I weighed myself every day and here is my chart!


Nick Sladek

My weight loss journey

It’s such and incredibly personal place. Yet it wasn’t until I confronted my demons that I was able to address my relationship with food and do something about it.

This website is about my and my weight loss journey. You’ll find interesting stuff to read and links to advice and health and fitness related articles.

The opinions expressed here are mine and and you should seek medical advice before embarking on any weight loss programme.

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