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Matt Richardson

Recognition Express: Corporate branded merchandise

If you need branded good, you know, pens, umbrellas, mugs, corporate gifts and alike, Matt is my go-to provider. I”m know Matt for the best part of 17 years and he’s a lovely guy. He knows his stuff and perhaps above all, he adds real personality to what is a pretty dry subject. He’s reliable too and he’ll get you out of a tight corner too. One thing…please don’t ask him what his cheapest pens are. Well, unless you want your company to be remembered for having rubbish pens!


Nick Sladek

My weight loss journey

It’s such and incredibly personal place. Yet it wasn’t until I confronted my demons that I was able to address my relationship with food and do something about it.

This website is about my and my weight loss journey. You’ll find interesting stuff to read and links to advice and health and fitness related articles.

The opinions expressed here are mine and and you should seek medical advice before embarking on any weight loss programme.

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