When should I start my diet?

Oh no - my diet means I'll have a rubbish Christmas

Love it or loathe it, Christmas is nearly upon us, and its impact on our waistlines is, well, predictable – isn’t it?
Well, have a read and make your own mind up.

As you may know, I embarked on my weight loss journey back on June 5th 2018, and I lost 3stone 3lbs by early October that year. I was 14st 10lbs and got down to 11st 7lbs and I was pretty proud of myself – and trust me it wasn’t easy! Distraction everywhere and biscuits calling me from every cupboard in the kitchen, or so it seemed!

And since then, I’ve pretty much kept the weight off! I feel so much better and it’s great to have stayed in my 32in waist jeans!

And now, as a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, I’m getting asked about Christmas and the season of overeating. And I’m also being asked this question too.

“Should I start the diet after Christmas?”

Well, I think if you want to lose weight, today is always the best time to start. If you’re anything like me, I have 100s of good reasons not to do stuff – including changing my relationship with food!

Right now, there are Jaffa Cakes and chocolate brownies in the kitchen. So best to start the diet after they are gone, right? Oh yes, of course, when I start the diet for real, all temptation will somehow magically disappear!! All the takeaways will close forever – Maccy Ds drive-though will disappear and my favourite Starbucks Salted caramel, super deluxe, full fat, latte extravaganza, well, that won’t exist anymore either.

If any diet is going to work, you’re going to have to change your relationship with food. So did I? Well, yes and no. I’m going to enjoy Christmas and the period surrounding it. But I’ll make some changes too. I may eat the odd mince pie, but I’ll not demolish 3 or 4 like I used to do – with brandy butter too – obviously! I’m still going to go out for a coffee – I’ll have a skinny flat white – about 55 calories. I’ll have turkey and some of the trimmings. I’ll say no to the roasted potatoes. I’ll have roasted parsnips – I love them!

And at breakfast? I’ll not resort to my old ways of having 2, no 3 or 4 slices of toast with butter and a LOT of posh marmalade!

And when I get on the scales at the beginning of January, I might need to shift a couple of pounds and I’ll do that on the 1:1 diet for a week.

I still love my food and I love to eat and I love cake and biscuits and cheese and KFC and Salted Caramel anything! But IT IS my choice too and I really love being BMI 24.7 and getting dressed up in the nice clothes that now fit me again. And I feel really healthy!

So, when should you start your life-changing diet? I’d say ’now’!

If you fancy a chat – give me a call – you really don’t have anything to lose!

Nick Sladek

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