Ruth Moody – executive coach

Coaching return to work mothers in the corporate arena

Ruth never fails to impress me with her maturity, wisdom, honesty, empathy, kindness and compassion.
Ruth has for many years run Farscape Development, a people development consultancy, serving both larger SMEs as well as the corporate sector with a unique blend of bespoke leadership development and coaching.
Now, as a mother, Ruth has experienced, first hand, the challenges of the ‘returning Mum’, with all that that entails. This experience has been invaluable in her now offering coaching designed to get the returning Moms back up to speed as quickly as possible.
In Ruth’s own words:

“I’ve always been passionate about people’s behaviours and the choices that they make.  I’m a big believer that we all have the capacity to make conscious choices that will help us to have better relationships and be happier and more successful.   

I have huge empathy for the enormous pressure that many people work under, whether self-imposed or created by the organisations they are working in, and the impact that these pressures have on people’s confidence, behaviours and effectiveness.  

My 17 years’ experience of working with people in one-to-one coaching relationships, as well as group coaching and facilitation, has helped me to appreciate the power of coaching; of holding a space for someone to explore their challenges, vulnerabilities, beliefs, hopes and aspirations, and to do so with a sense of no judgement and a belief in the importance of not knowing. 

Coaching is a murky world.  You never quite know what you’re going to get before you start!  However, in this magical and intimate space, great things can happen. 

 Coaching is an intimate and unique relationship.  When done well, it’s a space where people are able to explore some of the beliefs and stories that have impacted who they are and how they behave, throughout their lives, and to make profound and significant changes to how they approach work. 

Whether dealing with a short term, performance challenges, or a longer-term transformation, it’s more than setting some goals and holding people to account.  It’s sharing in an exploration and discovery and it’s this that makes coaching exciting and challenging. I love knowing that I can support people whilst they are making important changes that will have a positive effect on their lives.

 Since becoming a Mum I’ve realised how valuable coaching for returning to work women can be.  Women who are mothers are also ambitious, hardworking and focused.  They want to come back to work and be their best selves.  They also want to be the best mums that they can be.  It’s possible to be both. 

As a coach, I am an expert in ‘not knowing’.  It’s this not knowing that allows me to be curious, to ask questions, to explore and to delve deeper, without my own knowledge or agenda getting in the way.  You are the expert on you. Sometimes you just need some help finding your way to the answer.

We begin with your stories.  The narrative we have about our experiences in our life offers a gateway into the assumptions and beliefs that we have about the world and our place in it.  Our stories are also interpretations and versions of our experiences, which can be explored and re-told with a different outcome. My approach is kind, curious and challenging. 

 I hope I have the chance to meet you and work with you.”

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