What’s the problem with Granola?

Why eating healthy can have its pitfalls

I LOVE Granola! I thought I’d better say that first, so you don’t get the wrong impression. Browsing the supermarket shelves I came across this Granola. So it’s healthy, look at all the natural ingredients.

I love nuts and dates and all that stuff. And if I can eat healthily AND eat that scrumptious bowl on the front of the packet, what’s not to like?

Well, I reckon that the pic on the front is about 220 grams of Granola, a tablespoon of honey and a good dollop of yoghurt and some milk too. And, what do you think all that comes to? About 1100 calories!!

Now, look at what 45g looks like! Yes, it’s all about moderation. Perhaps I’ll try that little 45g serving with milk and see how I get on.

My feeling is that it will leave me craving for a [proper portion’! I know myself only too well, and in the past, I’d eat epic bowls of Granola and think nothing of it.

And now? I keep it out of the house – despite all my good intentions because at around 11 pm I do hear the packet calling me from the cupboard!

Happy eating!


Nick Sladek

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