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Zoe Jackson

Zoe does Buggy Fit! But she does much more than that!

I was introduced to Zoe after the birth of my little boy Otto. And now as an older Dad, I’m enjoying this parental renaissance and keeping fit with Zoe and a bunch of other parents too. Zoe is a talented fitness professional and we’re happy that she has the time to look after us – oh and enjoy lunch in Victoria Park (Bath) too!

In her own words:

Starting ballet at the age of 3 sparked an early passion for movement and healthy living within me and as soon as I finished my A levels in the late 90s I trained to be a fitness instructor.

Teaching aerobics led to working in gyms and personal training and in 2007 I set up a Wellbeing Lifestyle Consultancy; ‘Plan Be’ after seeing first-hand the fragile self-esteem and despondence of women particularly, specifically relating to how they feel about their bodies, energy levels and general wellbeing. I found people – men as well – felt intimidated or disillusioned by the gym and fell into a downhill spiral of unhealthy living and subsequently got stuck, being left overweight, unfit and feeling unable to change. With a little encouragement, a realistic, achievable plan and positive guidance I help make small, incremental changes to daily habits to see lifelong results and ultimately feel better about yourself.


I started Plan Bébé when my little boy was 8 weeks old and created a new twist especially for mums … 4 and a half years later it is still going strong with Mums and Dads – first, second & third time + around enjoying fresh air, fitness and the crucial social aspect to keep them sane throughout their maternity leave and beyond.

I love nothing more than helping people feel better about themselves no matter what age, situation or health & fitness related issue.


Nick Sladek

My weight loss journey

It’s such and incredibly personal place. Yet it wasn’t until I confronted my demons that I was able to address my relationship with food and do something about it.

This website is about my and my weight loss journey. You’ll find interesting stuff to read and links to advice and health and fitness related articles.

The opinions expressed here are mine and and you should seek medical advice before embarking on any weight loss programme.

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